Friday, January 1, 2010

Blue Moon - New Year

Youth is when you're allowed to stay up late on New Year's Eve. 
Middle age is when you're forced to. 

Bill Vaughn

Last night I watched the ball drop in NYC (I live in Pacific time zone, so it was 9pm here) and kissed my partner.  One hour later, at about 10pm, I was in the bed - sound asleep.  So much for ringing in the New Year.

But it was fitting, my letting Old Man '09 slip away quietly beneath the Blue Moon.  In past years, I would have fretted, likely, that I wasn't doing anything "special" or celebrating appropriately.  Thankfully, there was no fretting on my part last evening.  I made sure the New Year came to Times Square and had faith that it would make it across the country without my personal psychic assistance.

2009 was a difficult year for me on so many levels, and I really feel that I'm coming out of the funk of that year, shedding the skin that was the last twelve months.  It was a time of unparalleled personal growth, and a time of deep despair upon several occasions, but it was all worth it and ultimately meant to be.  And I'm eager and excited to see what the coming year will bring; I'm hopeful, and happy. 

I wish all of you (few) readers a peaceful, prosperous, and wondrous 2010. 

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Saturn, Rhea, and Thetys

It's no wonder that when one's "Saturn Returns" it packs such a whallop.

Amazing capture from the Cassini orbiter.  More information on this stunning image and more photos, as well as an article, can be found on MSNBC.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Verse: How

Surrounded by these things
which are really spirits,
souls encased in varied form,
my heart yearns for a way
to show my thankfulness to the One.

How can I,
a small lump of clay,
so inadequate,
show that my heart is bursting with Love
and that it is all because of All?

The lump in my throat swells,
nourished by tears choked back,
and I surrender to my humanity,
falling back into that blessed part of me that is Divine.

Thank You, Holy Spirit.
My Light is reborn.