Friday, June 10, 2011

Drawing the Moon

Today I drew one of my least favorite cards during my daily Tarot pull:  The Moon.

 The Moon, Robin Wood Tarot

This card has several interpretations; illusion, bewilderment, the unconscious, the intuition, imagination and fear being among them.  In my personal experience, this card also signifies betrayal and deception from those that once appeared as friends (illusion).  

I frequently remind myself that my daily tarot pulls are not necessarily indicative of things that will happen but could be indicative of events of which I need to be aware.

How does The Moon card speak to you?  What messages do you or have you inferred from drawing this card?  What might be the beneficial lessons and meanings (if any) of this card?   


Aine said...

I often see the moon as a time of introspection, of leaving the concerns of the material world for spiritual pursuits. I do believe that it can indicate that all is not as it appears - as the moon is illusive, but it would depend on the reading. Since you are just drawing one card, you'd have to draw another or three total to be sure. The moon can indicate a time of moodiness and sometimes depression. Remember too that the moon indicates cycles, so it could indicate that one cycle is over and another beginning.

Leo said...

Thanks so much for your comment. I appreciate your interpretation; it's wonderful to hear another opinion. I would tend to think (hopefully) that your interpretation is more point-on than mine today. It is becoming, indeed, a day of introspection and spiritual pursuits - thankfully.

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