Friday, January 21, 2011

Revisiting Freya

byTodd Lockwood

This was a post that I first wrote in December of 2009; and while I don't like to repeat postings, I'm fairly confident that I only had...oh...two followers back then and I'm sure no one read it.  At any rate, today I have been thinking a great deal about Freya, what with it being Friday, and I decided to resurrect this posting, especially to remind myself about when I first "met" Her.


I've always been able to visualize vividly and clearly while meditating. When I first began this spiritual journey a few years ago, it was very easy to automatically and rationally say to myself,

"You're just going a bit bonkers, and the reason that all these Greek Gods are swirling around in your head is because you've always been interested in them and you find the legends fascinating."

I'm a Leo - we like to have proof and dislike others perceiving us as insane.

But shortly thereafter, I started seeing some things play out on my mind-CinemaScope that didn't have an origin in things in which I had shown interest, either previously in my life or currently; these were images in my mind's eye that became harder to rationalize, and that's when my consciousness began to open to wonderful things.

In a meditation, and while looking upon a particularly clear image of Hera and Athena standing before me serenely, both Goddesses slowly and deliberately pointed and looked to their left. Of course, I "looked" where they were pointing and there was another Being - definitely a Goddess - with furious (best way to describe it) auburn hair and wearing a cloak of what appeared to be dark, brownish feathers (with markings, etc.).

That was it. The vision dissipated and I was left to contemplate. The most important messages, I think, are the ones that come and go quickly. They imprint themselves into our memory and we're left with a homework assignment of the spirit: what am I meant to learn from that?

It might be obvious to many reading this that I encountered Freya in my meditation, and this hit me like a lead balloon a few days later (when I luckily searched on 'goddess with feather cape'...why didn't I do that in the first place?).

I understand the concept of things bubbling up from the subconscious, but these were things that I hadn't put in the pot to boil, so to speak. Furthermore, these things weren't being planted subliminally by the television or the internet. Modern culture isn't that fixated on ancient Norse Goddesses.

At any rate, whether I was actually visited in a meditation by an energy current that exists in the Universe as Freya, with all Her trappings and associations; or manifested an image of Freya because of some snippet from somewhere that leaked into my perception - I don't think it really matters. What matters to me is that because of this, I learned more about a facet on the huge diamond of the Divine (Freya would like that image; She has a thing for jewelry.). Learning about Freya helped me to understand how a great many people that once existed on Earth loved the Source, and the process of that learning taught me things about my own Spirit.

Learn all you can. That's what makes the journey worthwhile.

Have a wonderful Freya's Day...