Sunday, January 29, 2012

Brisingamen - Song for Freya

Freya by Carina Jorgensen

Brisingamen - Song for Freya

Ages hence the scribes will say
That my necklace is a symbol of my shame,
And my coitus with the Stunted Ones
Evidence of a feminine weakness
For things bright and beautiful.

How wrong they will be,
Those judgmental mortals;
For I was destined to wear the 
Fire of the Blood in the Ruby,
The Light of the Sun in the Amber,
The Strength of the Warrior in the Gold.
Only on my breast could these jewels repose.
Earthly favors were mine to give, after all.
Nothing more than an afterthought
To claim what was ordained to be mine.

So sing of my beauty,
My falcon-feathered mantle,
My fierceness in the fray of battle;
Sing of how I taught the Voice of Magic
To Enchantresses in the snow.
But sing not of my shame,
For shame is for mankind's race,
And I Am of the Gods.

CM, 1/29/12